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“Age is just a number, but successful aging is a different story”

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Established in 2014, Senior Moments Inc., is a mission-driven non-profit 501( c ) (3) consulting firm providing social services and geriatric health care resources and referrals to elderly and aging.  Our mission is to promote access to affordable, comprehensive, high quality coverage, care and to advocate inputting domestic plans and resources /reference/referrals in place for sick and elderly persons who live alone or need domestic help. We pursue clients that enable our firm to stay true to that mission.

Senior Moments Inc. offers five types of services for seniors.  Specifically, Senior Moments assigns a Gerontologist (a professional who specializes in the field of aging related dimensions of change over the lifespan and uses that knowledge to help elderly patients and clients maintain their quality of life).

 The Gerontologist assesses, evaluates and advises seniors on:

•    Administering of Social Services, i.e. Long-term care insurances, Medicare, Medi-cal, Social Security, Estate planning
•    Geriatric Health Care, i.e. provide resources and referrals for Caregiving, Hospice, Elder  Abuse (prevention and deterrence)
•    Housing, i.e. provide resources and referrals for assisted living, independent living and other senior housing
•    Training for Career Development
•    Speaker / Presentations

What We Do Cover

Key Benefits Of Service

The reason why so many choose S.M.I.

Think tank for successful aging and retirement, where aging gracefully is the rule, not the exception; Champions for aging and elderly interventions, addressing Long Term care, Caregiving and Pre-existing Diseases, i.e. Diabetes, Hypertension, Dementia/Alzheimer’s.

Assisting domestic and aging persons live their best lives with quality care and dignity by applying a “personalized aging-friendly approach” to health, business, and social services for optimum health and happiness; improve longevity and quality of life empowering aging populations in urban, rural and local communities and assign a Gerontologist to each case who is a visionary with a pioneering spirit and an understanding of aging issues and can address societal needs through innovations in practice, policy and outreach.

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